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AddWizeNet is a one-stop-shop expert portal to which both national and international experts are affiliated. This means that AddWizeNet can solve far more tasks than a traditional consulting house with few permanent employees.

AddWizeNet provides advice on the vast majority of challenges that a company encounters in its life cycle. This is because we have access to both national and international experts. Thus, no tasks are too small or too large.

AddWizeNet is an online network of experts who have chosen to be freelancers instead of being employed in a permanent position. They have chosen to deal only with topics that drives them. This means that the customer gets a highly motivated expert to solve the task. And driven experts provide happy customers.

When we receive an inquiry about a specific challenge, it is matched with an expert. If the client enters into an agreement with the expert, a one time fee of EUR 350 (ex VAT) will be invoiced. The amount covers access to the network of experts and matching the issue with an expert.

The client only pays EUR 350 (ex. VAT) if the client enters into a contract with the expert. This means that the client has no financially obligations until an agreement has been made.

AddWizeNet is not involved in the agreement between the expert and the client. It is solely a matter between them.

All experts affiliated with AddWizeNet are validated on the basis of experience and completed tasks. This means that only experts with the greatest expertise are matched with the client, and the vast majority have more than 20 years of experience. 

Once the client has contacted AdWizeNet with a task it is registered. Experts who have the necessary competencies and time to solve the task are identified. Subsequently, AddWizeNet assesses which expert(s) should be matched with the client. It all happens within 24 hours.   

No. AddWizeNet focuses on solving challenges here and now – small and large. The focus is not on getting experts hired in a full-time position. The experts associated with AddWizeNet have opted for a looser attachment to the job market.