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The experts associated with AddwizeNet are ready to help you

AddWizeNet is for you who are suddenly facing a challenge where the necessary knowledge, experience or competence to move forward is not found in the company.

AddWizeNet is a formalized expert portal where you can get access to experts from home and abroad with a single click. We believe that it demands ekspertise to be an expert . Therefore, all experts affiliated with AddWizeNet are validated based on their experience and competencies. This is your guarantee that AddWizeNet matches your needs with an expert who can help you progress within 24 hours.

AddWizeNet provides access to experts in a large number of countries such as Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Pakistan, Balkans, Brazil, Spain, UK, USA, etc. If you face a challenge, you are welcome to contact AddwizeNet.

You pay EUR 350 (ex. VAT) to AddWizeNet if a match between you and an expert leads to a contract to solve the task. The actual content of the assignment, deliveries, payments, etc. is solely a matter between you and the expert. AddWizeNet has no influence on or responsibility for this.

DRIVE – forward

The folowing is the process you will go through as a client




Describe the challenge that AddwizeNet can help solve.


AddWizeNet records your challenge.


AddWizeNet then identifies the right experts.


If there is a match between the nature of the task and one or more experts, these are linked to the client.


The client and the expert agree on delivery and price. AddWizeNet has no influence on this nor any obligations. When a contract has been successfully entered into AddWizeNet settle EUR 350 (ex VAT) to the client for this match. If the client and the expert do not enter into a contract, no settlement will take place.

AddWizeNet offers, among others, advice with.
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Years of experience per. expert
All types of experts

Experts covering the vast majority of business issues are part of the network

International angle

Access to international network


Broad knowledge of business relationships across industries

Validated experts

All experts are validated based on experience and solved tasks

No surprises

The Client only pay for the match if the client enters into an agreement with an expert

Match within 24 hours

The client receives a quick response to his inquiry

Fixed price per match

For only EUR 350 (ex. VAT) we match the clients challenge with an expert 

One Stop Shop

One entry point for a wide range of experts