The AddWizeNet is for anyone who faces a challenge, and find that the necessary skills and knowhow to progress, are not present in the company. One click and you have access to 74 experts in 13 countries who are ready to help you.  Read more about how this works here

The idea behind AddwizeNet

The Gig Economy - a path to a more flexible solution

The Gig Economy can best be compared to freelance work, where you provide help to companies on an hourly basis. It is one of the fastest growing trends globally, and the term “gig” originates from the music industry, where artists went from job to job (gig).     

For the first time globally the AddWizeNet combines this trend with a network of experts across multiple countries.  

The AddWizeNet makes it easy and simple for any company or Board of Directors to access experts, as you get access to the international network within 24 hours

The team behind AddWizeNet has experience from a number of top jobs across several industries and countries, resulting in a wide range of business relationships and an extensive international network.

AddWizeNet wants to make it as simple as possible to get the good advice, you do not otherwise know where to get.  

That is why AddWizeNet have created a one-stop-shop solution with 100% transparency about price. Hence there are no surprises.

The experts are validated based on their expertise and success in solving specific tasks.

In this way, it is ensured that only the best experts are matched with companies, boards and business people.

With the combination of a digital platform and a network of experts, the so-called Gig Economy is brought into play for business world-wide.

Contact AddWizeNet to proceed

For only EUR 350 (ex. VAT), AddWizeNet matches you and your challenges with one or more experts within 24 hours. You only pay if you enter into a contract with an expert. AddWizeNet has no influence on the terms of the contract between you and the experts, nor any obligations.

What AddwizeNet offer

360° expert portal

A 360° ekspert portal that, through a formalized international network of experts, covers a wide range of business areas. That way, you can easily and quickly overcome the challenge that slows down your momentum. 

Use AddwizeNet's Network Actively

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Send us an email on AddWizeNet’s contact form, and you will be contacted within 24 hours.

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