Business portal expands to pakistan and access to more than 220 mio. Consumers

With a new agreement, the expert portal AddWizeNet now has access to expert knowledge in Pakistan, which ensures safer access for companies to more than 220 million. consumers.

AddWizeNet expands to Pakistan

The two fastest growing sectors in Pakistan are the service- and telecommunications sector. But other sectors are also growing strongly. So, if your company wants to export their products to Pakistan, you can now faster and more securely access more than 220 million. consumers.

The match-making portal AddWizeNet has secured access to the Pakistani market through their extensive network. This means that your business has a much easier time launching in this market. But access is one thing. Security is another important thing, especially when you as a company are entering a new market for the first time. All experts associated with the match-making portal have been validated on the basis of successful completed tasks.

At www.theaddwize.net you can read more about the tasks national and international experts associated with the portal offer to solve, based on their competencies and interests.


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