Think globally but get support locally from AddWizeNet!

  At an entrepreneurial meeting, AddWizeNet bumped into a company whose product had great international prospects. We therefore asked why all their marketing was targeted at Denmark and not Europe – and why they only focused on Denmark. The answer came promptly from the owner: “I have thought internationally from the start” he said – […]

Start-up’s should hire an expert on hourly basis!

Can you afford not to have control over your sales and marketing strategy? The answer is NO! There is no point in having a revolutionary product if no one has ever heard of it and nobody is going to hear about it. And it’s no use trying a few good stories on Facebook. “What do […]

Business Development solution for Datapeeps ApS!

Datapeeps ApS, a company which collects and processes business-related data and sells it tailored to companies such as the temporary workers industry, wanted to speed up their Business. They had a clear desire to scale the data business to industries and customers other than those they have in Denmark right now. It is often difficult, […]